Former Street Dog Attends Adorably Awkward Meet-Up For “Introverted” Pups

Most dog meet-ups are chaotic, especially for high-energy dogs who love to play. But some dog lovers forget that not all pups have that type of reaction when seeing fellow furry friends.

The proud parent of a former street dog posted an adorably awkward video that shows how shy dogs interact at canine events. They brought their rescue dog, Qila, to hang out with a group of other “introverted” dogs. The pups in the video look like they’re not sure what they’re supposed to do, but they’re learning.

Dog rescued from streets

Qila’s Rough Past

Rescuers found Qila wandering the streets of Russia while she was heavily pregnant. Some people suspected that her family abandoned her once she got pregnant. Russian Rescue Dogs took her in and helped her find a forever home.

Sofia Rosten and her boyfriend, who both live in Sweden, had been looking to adopt a dog for a while, and when they saw Qila, they fell in love. At first, Qila was very shy, but she quickly grew fond of her new family. She loves cuddling and getting attention from them, but when she meets other dogs, she doesn’t know how to act.

Stray dog adoption day

Qila got more comfortable in her home every day, but Rosten wanted to find more ways to boost her confidence. So, she found a get-together for shy dogs in Sweden that was hosted by a dog psychologist. Rosten had no idea the meet-up would become a hit on social media.

“My dog is introverted so we went for a meeting with like-minded dogs. This is what happened,” Rosten wrote for the video caption.

Dog and human flower crowns

A Hangout for Introverted Dogs

The meet-up was about an hour long and was at an outdoor space full of shy, nervous dogs like Qila. They spent some time sniffing each other, but many of the interactions involved the dogs calmly sitting around, not acknowledging each other.

Many of the pups look like they’re avoiding eye contact. Qila seemed more interested in biting bugs than playing with other dogs.

Introverted dog meetup

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Rosten said the most awkward part was toward the end when the event was winding down. The dogs looked like they were at an uncomfortable office party, and their social battery for the day had run out. Rosten recorded the dogs because she thought their expressions were amusing.

“This was almost at the end of the meeting and we all thought it looked so funny so I recorded it,” Rosten wrote with the video.

Dog waving paw

As bizarre as the meet-up looked, it seemed to help Qila a bit. It was an opportunity for her to interact with similar dogs without being overwhelmed by hyper puppy energy. The introverted attitudes of these dogs prove that our furry friends might relate to us more than we realize.

Watch the Adorable Video Here:

Featured Image: Instagram