“Friend” Tells Woman Her Dog Died, 2 Years Later She Gets A Shocking Call

Two years ago, Maile Trist’s “friend,” told her that her senior Chihuahua was dead. Ever since then, she has been mourning the loss of her beloved rescue dog.

Trist adopted Jazzy from a California humane society when she was in high school. They had many wonderful years together, but everything went downhill when she asked a friend to watch the Chihuahua. Trist was moving from California to Kansas, so she left her dog with a friend in Kansas while she got situated in her new home. But sadly, Jazzy didn’t get to move into the home with her.

Woman cuddling senior Chihuahua
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Ghosted By Dog Sitter

After Trist left Jazzy with her so-called friend, she said they ended up blocking her. She kept trying to contact them, and when she finally got a hold of them, they told her Jazzy had died. Trist was devastated and felt like it was all her fault.

So, when Trist got a call from the Cowley County Humane Society two years later, she couldn’t believe it. They told her that someone had found a senior Chihuahua at the rock quarry in Cedar Vale, Kansas. When they scanned the microchip, they saw it was registered in California but contacted the owner anyway. When they heard the dog’s story, they couldn’t believe it!

Woman holding lost dog
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“Regretting giving her to those people and feeling so guilty about it, and I’m so glad that I finally got her back,” Trist said.

Trist drove two hours to get from Salina to Cowley County right away. She had already gone two years without the 11-year-old dog, so she wasn’t going to go another day without her.

After Two Years Apart

The humane society posted a video of the heartwarming reunion between Trist and Jazzy. In the video, the Chihuahua’s tail is wagging so fast that you can barely see it moving.

Chihuahua runs to woman

“I was crying and I was shaking because I was so overjoyed that,  for one, she’s alive and two, I could bring her finally home,” Trist said.

It didn’t take long for Jazzy to get comfortable in her new home. She’s getting along well with her new canine sibling, and she’s cuddling with Trist as much as possible.

Woman and Chihuahua reunited

“She curled up in between my legs last night and I was like, ‘oh my gosh, it’s amazing to have my little cuddle buddy back,’” Trist said.

Trist said that she hopes Jazzy’s story reminds more pet parents to get their dogs microchipped. If Jazzy hadn’t been microchipped, Trist never would’ve found out she was still alive.

Watch the Emotional Reunion Here:

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