Golden Owl Smiles At Rescuer Who Saved & Nursed Her Back To Health

When Ghaith’s sister shared that there was a golden owl trapped on the roof of a school, he knew he needed to help. A rope was wrapped around the owl’s leg and, as you would expect, she was terrified and trying to escape. 

So he brought some supplies and joined a few of the teachers on the roof. He was absolutely determined to set her free.  

Save owl

As soon as Ghaith arrived at the scene, he set to work saving her. He did his absolute best to keep her calm while he released her from the rope ensnaring her. Then, once he was able to remove it, he gently wrapped her up in a blanket, tucked her safely into his arms, and handed her to a teacher. 

After they carefully made their way down to the ground, he took the beautiful bird home for follow-up care.

Since he has previous experience in rehabilitating birds, Ghaith felt completely confident in his ability to treat the owl’s injured leg. Once with him at home, she was so much calmer, and easy to keep content. It was obvious that she was so grateful to have been saved. Especially by someone who is knowledgeable and kind. (And who loves animals so much.)

Nursing Her Back To Health

Ghaith fed her nutritious meals five times per day and had her sip water with vitamins. This way, she would have a quick recovery, and would regain her strength. Clearly she was comfortable, because as she ate, she not only made the cutest, silliest sounds with her beek, but she kept intentionally looking up, and making direct eye contact with him. 

 “I’ve been rescuing animals for many years, but this time, it was a special experience,” said Ghaith.

In fact, in a video clip that he posted to Facebook, Ghaith clearly captured her making the cutest little smile as she happily ate her food. 

Golden Owl

Once he felt that she had made a full recovery , it was time to release her back into the wild. Ghaith waited until sunset, and he took her to a big, beautiful forest. Then, after a quick goodbye, she flew away so fast, and that filled his heart with so much joy.  The beautiful bird was back where she belonged. 

You can check out the heartwarming video of this beautiful story down below. And, to keep up with Ghaith as he continues to care for different rescue animals, you can follow him on Instagram. 

Featured Image: YouTube