Golden Retriever Loses His Mind When He Opens Adorable Amazon Package

Getting a package in the mail is always exciting. No matter how thrilling or uneventful the items are, deliveries always feel like Christmas presents to yourself. However, a Golden Retriever’s first Amazon package put everyone else’s deliveries to shame.

Walker the Goldie received a package from his humans. He knew it smelled interesting right away, but he couldn’t quite figure out what was inside. Yet, when the box opened, Walker couldn’t contain his excitement! The gift was what he least expected and what he’d always dreamed of at the same time!

Golden Retriever gets Amazon package

Special Delivery!

Vicki Molnar, Walker’s human, posted a video of him opening his special gift on TikTok. In the video, someone sets down an Amazon package on the floor in front of Walker. The top is already cut open, but at first, Walker can’t see what’s inside. Yet, he still walks over to it and curiously sniffs it while his tail wags.

After a few moments of staring at the box and wagging his tail, one of his humans helps him open the present by lifting one of the flaps. Then, a tiny Golden Retriever puppy pokes his head out. Walker goes crazy!

Golden Retriever meets new puppy

“Our golden gets so sad when his sister has to leave us (only have her part time) brought him a surprise home…and so begins a new friendship,” Molnar wrote in the video caption.

It’s love at first sight for Walker and his new brother named Waylon. The video ends with Walker following Waylon around while trying to play with him. Both dogs’ tails wag like crazy, so it’s impossible not to smile.

Golden Retriever cuddling

Friends Forever

Since that video was posted, Molnar shared several updates on the two brothers. Her entire TikTok account is dedicated to dog videos, but of course, no one is upset about it. Every video shows that Walker and Waylon have a close bond, despite only being together for a few weeks.

Some videos show the dogs cuddling, going for walks together, and playing in the snow. One video even shows Walker taking Waylon for a walk by holding his leash in his mouth.

Golden Retrievers with family

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“Our golden boys have been together almost 1 month…and it feels like Waylon has always been here. Finally some nice weather and the boys have been busy outside,” Molnar wrote in one of the captions.

From now on, any real Amazon deliveries are going to be disappointing for Walker because they won’t include another sibling for him. Waylon is a dream come true for his big brother, and watching their interactions is sure to brighten any dog lover’s day!

Watch the Adorable Video Here:

Featured Image: TikTok