Heartwarming Clip Shows Dog And Sea Lion Playing Fetch Together

Sea lions are just aquatic puppies. They’re playful and silly, and they even make barking sounds when they’re excited. So, it makes sense that a dog and sea lion would be great friends, but it’s not something we see often.

A sea lion known as Sammy has been observing a Labrador Retriever named Moe (short for Mokuleia) during the pup’s daily walks along the beach. It seemed like he longed to befriend the canine, but he didn’t know how. So, when Sammy finally approached Moe to start a beautiful friendship, Moe’s human made sure to document it.

Big dog walking small dog

Moe Meets Sammy

Photographer Dave “Nelly” Nelson walks Moe along a beach in Santa Cruz, California, almost daily. Moe loves playing fetch by the water and carrying her ball in her mouth as she walks. Recently, Nelson noticed Sammy in the water watching Moe, but the sea lion didn’t seem ready to introduce himself.

One day, Sammy got braver and swam to the shore to meet Moe. Moe approached Sammy happily, and the two hit it off.

“Moe dropped her ball (she never ever does that) and she waded out a few feet,” Nelson said. “They ended up smelling each other and went nose to nose for a second, I was blown away. It was obvious they liked each other and Sammy even gave a couple soft barks saying hello.”

Dog and sea lion playing fetch

While Nelson didn’t capture footage from Moe and Sammy’s first greetings, he decided to film something else. Once Moe and Sammy seemed comfortable around each other, he wanted to see if the sea lion would play fetch with the dog.

The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

Nelson threw Moe’s ball into the water, and of course, the dog chased it. But to Nelson’s surprise, Sammy leaped after it too. Moe was faster, but even as Moe grabbed the ball and ran back to shore, Sammy followed her for as long as he could.

The two played together for a while, and it’s one of the most heartwarming things you’ll see all week. Nelson filmed them playing fetch and posted it on his Instagram page.

Sea lion following dog

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“They started playing and even played fetch together,” Nelson wrote. “To say it was beautiful would be an understatement.”

A sea lion befriending a dog probably isn’t what you expected to see today, but it’s the best way to brighten anyone’s day. So, check out this new heartwarming friendship!

Watch the Adorable Interaction Here:

Featured Image: Facebook