Heroic Pit Bull Dies Saving Kids From Mountain Lion Attack

Lady, a 2-year-old Pit Bull/Chihuahua mix, loved her family more than anything. Whenever the family’s four kids would play outside, Lady wouldn’t be far behind. Until recently, playtime was relaxing and fun, but when a mountain lion approached the yard, Lady’s protective side kicked in.

In a horrific showdown, Lady fought the massive mountain lion to make sure it stayed away from her young family members. At first, she walked away from the fight, but she didn’t live much longer. The family is devastated by her death but also grateful for her bravery. She was a true hero!

Girl cuddling Pit Bull

Dog Takes on Mountain Lion

Virginia Havens from Colorado said her four children, aged between 4 and 11, were playing on the swingset in the backyard with Lady by their side. Virginia’s husband, Daniel, was outside cleaning the car when he heard a commotion out back. Lady was barking aggressively, which was unlike her.

When Virginia heard barking and screaming, she ran to see what was going on. Daniel was frantically leading the kids back inside while Lady was charging at a mountain lion. The large feline had been stalking the kids from behind the fence, only feet away from the playground. Virginia said the mountain lion was about five feet long, but their tiny dog wouldn’t stop attacking it.

Dog with little girl

The family wanted to help Lady, but it was too dangerous for them to get involved. They called authorities and tried throwing objects at the mountain lion in the meantime. Officers arrived within five minutes of the call, and they fired non-lethal bean bag rifle rounds, which finally scared the cat away.

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Lady came trotting back to the house afterward, but she was in rough shape. So, the family rushed her to the vet.

“She was bloody and had a hole in her skull,” said Virginia. “As she got closer, I could see her right eye bulging and she had labored breathing.”

Dog attacked by mountain lions

Lady Sacrifices Her Life

The family wrapped Lady in a towel and drove her to the nearest vet. Right away, the vet informed them that the pup’s chances of survival were slim. The vet gave Lady pain medications, but she continued to whine uncontrollably. So, the family made the difficult decision to put her down.

“The kids were in a puddle of tears but seeing Lady like that also helped them understand the reason to let her go,” said Virginia. “We said goodbye and kissed Lady and thanked her.”

Young girl holding dog

Luckily, the chances of the mountain lion returning aren’t likely. The big cats usually return to places where they killed prey so they can bury the leftovers and find them again. Even with that information, Virginia is still hesitant to let the kids play in the yard for a while.

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The family mounted a photo of Lady on their wall as a tribute. She cared about her humans so much that she risked her life for them. That’s a sign of true love and loyalty.

“Lady was our little angel,” said Virginia. “She was a warrior.”

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