Home Security Camera Reveals Dog Using The Toilet. Literally.

Just because we’re asleep for the night, doesn’t necessarily mean our dogs are too. Even when we fall asleep lying next to them, they can get up and down from the bed without us even knowing. Who really knows what hijinks our canine friends get up to while we’re blissfully unaware in our beds?

One family in Lakeside, California, found out the answer to this type of mystery and it was not at all what they would have expected. The two proud parents of a young son are also the proud parents of a beautiful Pitbull. They keep security cameras in their home for the safety of both their little ones.

The parent who submitted footage from the home security camera to Viral Hog explained its origins.

“I got home from work at 5 a.m. and noticed poop in my son’s training toilet and thought, ‘That’s weird, how did my wife miss this?’ I checked the cameras and this is what I found.”

What he found was one very clever pup.

As the video shockingly reveals, their genius dog had been using their son’s training toilet when he got the urge to go in the middle of the night.

This could have been hard to spot if you weren’t paying attention to the training toilet already. At first the dog just walks through the living room and it looks like he’s just going to jump on on the couch and sleep. He changes his mind really quickly about that though and heads straight to the tiny toilet.

There’s still some dog-like aspects to this clever pup’s actions. He does some sniffing and some circling around before he gets to his business. Then he squats directly over the toilet and puts his deposit right inside of it. When he’s done, the dog just walks away and out of frame. Done and done.

It’s unclear whether the dog learned how to do this from observing, from smell, or from sheer brilliant intuition. Either way, it’s pretty impressive stuff! Next step: upgrading him to a toilet that’s actually connected to plumbing.

Aside from the fact that they’re meant to keep us safe, the best part about home security cameras is all the amazing accidental dog footage that’s been captured. Here’s a great example – this Beagle’s mom accidentally captured her dog dropping a toy and making a hilarious fuss over it.

So if I were you, I’d consider installing security cameras throughout your house or apartment. To protect yourself and your belongings, of course, but mostly just to see what in the world your dog is getting up to when you’re not looking.

H/T: People

FEATURED PHOTO: Screenshot Youtube.com/ViralHog