Horse Rescued After Being Heartlessly Abandoned On Busy Philadelphia Street

After receiving a call about a stray horse spotted on a busy street in Philadelphia, rescuers weren’t sure what to expect. Typically, when you think of a bustling metropolis, horses aren’t exactly the first animal to mind.

So, what was a horse doing hanging out in the city in the first place? And why was he wandering around all alone?

Horse in stall

Luckily, local residents were quick to call ACCT, Philadelphia’s only animal care and control organization, when they witnessed the abandoned horse wandering down Darien Street in Hunting Park. Not only did it seem like this beautiful boy was in rough shape, but it was also a sweltering day. Plus, a city street is not a safe place for a horse to be roaming alone.

Damien on street

“Thankfully, the horse, now named Darien, was in good hands with the community who kept him cool and safe until we were able to load him on our trailer and get him off the busy street,” shared ACCT Philly.

Not only were witnesses quick to call the authorities, but the community came together to keep Darien safe, secure, and in the shade until help arrived. Together, they kept him out of harm’s way and showered him with love until the trailer came.

Technically, owning and keeping a horse in Philadelphia isn’t illegal, but horses require a certain amount of space and specialized care to be happy and healthy.

Horse in Philly

It turns out that this sweet soul had been purchased earlier in the day, but was immediately abandoned after his new owner experienced some remorse. When witnesses were questioned by authorities, they claimed that the man who purchased him said he didn’t have any horseshoes, a necessity to protect his hooves from the street. He then said he no longer wanted him and left him there.

“Darien is resting comfortably tonight, we are so thankful to the people who cared after seeing him abandoned. He’s very underweight and will need some extra TLC, and we are reaching out to our rescue partners about him as a Philly is no place for a horse of course!”

This situation warrants many questions. Why would someone purchase a horse and then choose to abandon them all within the same day? And who was caring for him before now that clearly neglected him and allowed him to get into such poor condition?


Luckily, Darien is now in the care of an organization that will ensure he receives the love and care he deserves. Before he becomes available for adoption, Darien needs a chance to rest and recover.