Hundreds Gather During Memorial For “Max The Miracle Dog”

“Max the Miracle Dog” was a famous Springer Spaniel who documented his adventurous walks on social media. He and his canine siblings, Paddy and Harry, raised thousands of dollars for charity throughout Max’s life. Even in his senior years, Max was happy and optimistic about his famous walks.

But sadly, the 14-year-old pup recently slowed down to a point where he wouldn’t get better. His humans were devastated, but they had to say goodbye. A few weeks after his death, his family held a memorial walk in his honor, and they were surprised by the impressive outcome of the event. Everyone loved Max!

RIP Max the Miracle Dog

Saying Goodbye to a Wonderful Canine

About a month before Max passed away, his humans announced that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Kerry Irving, Max’s human, shared that the pup passed away on April 6th, 2022. Max had lived with his family in Keswick, England, and he inspired many people over the years.

Max earned the nickname “the Miracle Dog” because Irving said bringing Max home saved his life. After a car crash, Irving experienced extreme pain and depression, but Max gave him something to live for. The pup later became a therapy dog so he could help others too. Through their social media presence, Max and his canine siblings helped raise over $570,000 for charities over the years.

Max and his siblings

“This small dog with the waggy tail and hugest of hearts, gave love and hope to thousands of people worldwide,” Irving wrote. “Max’s legacy and story will continue to grow and inspire for many years to come. Every day gave us memories and every step with you beside us was a privilege.”

About a year before Max’s death, a bronze statue was built in his honor at a local park. At the time of the statue, he became the first pet to receive the PDSA Order of Merit. Max lived for 14 years and eight months, so he had plenty of time to shape the world in incredible ways.

Dog posing by rainbow

Hundreds Gather for Max

On Easter, Irving hosted a walk to honor Max’s legacy. Going for walks to help those in need was one of the pup’s favorite activities. Dog lovers gathered at Max’s memorial walk to raise money for Hope Park Charitable Trust and Max’s Statue Upkeep.

The turnout for the walk was more incredible than Irving could’ve imagined. About 1,500 people showed up and walked together along one of Max’s favorite paths.

Max Memorial Walk


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“I want to say a massive thank you to everybody who turned up to celebrate Max’s memorial walk,” Irving said. “We did what we wanted to achieve and we will remember that walk. Very, very emotional and I know a lot of people were emotional.”

Max’s canine siblings, Paddy and Harry, will keep his social media presence alive by continuing his legacy. It’s amazing how walks can not only make a dog’s life better but also inspire many others. Rest in peace, Max. You were a wonderful pup!

Max resting place

Featured Image: Facebook