Introducing Our New Doggy Dating App “K9 Mingle”

Do daily trips to the dog park continue to fail in landing a doggie date for your canine companion? Are you hoping to help your best furry friend find a special someone of their very own? Well, the development team here at iHeartDogs is excited to announce our newest offering within our line of products specifically designed with pet parents in mind. Just in time for summer, we will be launching a doggie dating app called “K9 Mingle.”

Initially, upon download, pet parents will be prompted to enter their pup’s name, age, and whether they are looking for long-term love or “simply sniffing around.” Then, you will be able to rate your pup’s energy level on a scale of playfulness from “couch potato” to “boundless hours of energy.” Obviously, energy level is an extremely important factor in how our app’s algorithm finds the perfect “playmate” for your pup.

After you set the radius that both you and your pup are willing to travel to “play,” you will be paired with other pups that our app considers to be a prospective match. Other factors that our app uses when making matches is the rating of your pup’s friendliness, fondness of outdoor activities, and their current spay/neuter status. 

While our app doesn’t officially launch for another couple of weeks, we were so impressed by both the overwhelmingly positive response, and by our initial beta tester’s puppy profiles, that we simply couldn’t wait to share a sample of their posts with you. So take a look below, and see if you will be signing up in a couple of weeks for our free new app “K9 Mingle.”

Leonard (Yorkie)

“Playful And Protective”

Leonard loves “puppuccinos” and sneaking sips of coffee and tea when he thinks no one is looking. His favorite hobbies are spying on the neighbors, growling, and playing with his baby squirrel toys. He also loves to wrestle with his BFF Steve-o.

Leonard The Yorkie


“K9 Mingle” is available for both Android and Apple Devices.

Finch (Poodle mix)  

“Proud Mama’s Boy”

Finch loves squeaky baby chick toys and long, luxurious naps. He is searching for a gal who can get along with the most important woman in his life – his mama.

Finch Silver Fox


Users can decide to “sniff or swipe” when an available pup within their specific radius becomes available for “play dates.”

Lilo (Shih Poo)

 “Sniff Me”


Lilo was kind of shy but has really opened up recently and is becoming more of a social butterfly. She loves to run around the park, swim in the pond at sunset, and is a big fan of being chased.

Lilo needs someone who can keep up with her active lifestyle but also doesn’t mind cuddling on the couch. She might seem a little pushy at first, but prospective pups will find out pretty quickly that she’s all bark, no bite.

No big dogs, please – they intimidate her a bit.

Pups who are “simply sniffing around” will not be paired with pups who are looking to settle down and move into a doublewide doghouse.

Baby (Shih Tzu)
“A True Southern Belle”

She’s a true southern belle from the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. She’s into older men and loves adventurous walks in the park, sunbathing, and going to the salon where she likes to get bows put in her hair and catch up on all the local gossip.

Pups who are looking for a litter of puppies will be able to specify whether or not they are willing to accept “play dates” with dogs despite their spay/neuter status.

Mabel (Shih Tzu)

“One Sassy Senior” 


Mabel is grumpy around most dogs, but if they don’t sniff her or look directly at her, she might fall in love! No matter how much she likes someone, she won’t share her food, but she wouldn’t mind having a partner to stare at squirrels with. 

Simply tap on the map that appears and our built-in dog park locator will show you the closest dog-friendly meet-up place within your chosen radius

Kio (OG Chihuahua) 

“Once a Hawaiian street dog”


This is Kio. Kio enjoys hunting geckos and drinking his own urine. He’s looking for a lady who can keep up with his zoomies and help him itch all those hard-to-reach places.

Propose a “play date” when you are tired of chatting and ready to take things to the next level.

Belle (Boston Terrier) 

“Newly Divorced” 


Belle is a newly divorced single mom of three. She’s morbidly obese but still beautiful. She leaves no crumb uneaten and she loves cuddles. She’s a strong, independent woman.

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