Jennifer Aniston Shares Precious Throwback Pics For National Puppy Day

Fans are in love with the puppy Jennifer Aniston rescued toward the beginning of the pandemic. She adopted a tiny pup named Lord Chesterfield, and his sweet, innocent face warmed the hearts of many. After seeing how much others adored her new pup, the Friends star decided to continue sharing updates on her furry friend.

Now, Lord Chesterfield isn’t quite so small anymore, but he’s still just as cute! On several occasions, such as his first birthday and National Puppy Day, Aniston has taken the time to celebrate the charming dog once again. And her followers can’t get enough!

Jennifer Aniston and puppy

All Grown Up!

Aniston adopted Lord Chesterfield from Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue in October 2020. At the time, she shared plenty of adorable posts about him, including a video where he fell asleep with a bone in his mouth. He was just a tiny little thing back then, but now, he’s all grown up!

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In 2021, Aniston celebrated Lord Chesterfield’s first birthday. He’s now much larger than her other two rescue dogs: Sophie the Pit Bull and Clyde the Schnauzer mix. For Lord Chesterfield’s birthday, Aniston shared photos of her cuddling him, along with an image of him wearing a party hat. The sweet pup looks overjoyed!

Lord Chesterfield birthday

“One year with my lovable, squeezable, I’ll call it… talkative (barks at air), cuddly, and not-so-little-anymore Lord Chesterfield,” Aniston wrote on Facebook.

However, Lord Chesterfield’s growth spurt hasn’t made him any less lovable. Everyone still adores him and looks forward to Aniston’s posts about him. So, Aniston decided to share another adorable memory for National Puppy Day in 2022.

Jennifer Aniston hugging Lord Chesterfield

National Puppy Day Throwback

On National Puppy Day (March 23rd, 2022), Aniston shared several throwback pictures on her Instagram story. The photos showed Lord Chesterfield when he was a young pup, and it’s hard to not want to cuddle him! He has the sweetest puppy face.

“I don’t know if ‘National Puppy Day’ is a real holiday…but I’ll take any excuse to post Chesterfield throwback,” Aniston included in a caption.

Jennifer Aniston laying with puppy

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Of course, Lord Chesterfield and Aniston’s other canines will always be adorable no matter how old they get. But it’s hard not to look back on the puppy days and remember how small they were. Lord Chesterfield is very loved, and fans are already looking forward to Aniston’s next update on him.

Featured Image: Instagram