K9 Keisa Removes Over 500 Pounds Of Illegal Drugs From The Streets

K9 Keisa with the Los Angeles Police Department is on a roll! LAPD officer Lillian Carranza announced on Twitter that the pup and her handler, Anthony Lopez, have already removed 500 pounds of “poison” from the streets in the first quarter of 2022. That includes illegal substances like methamphetamine and heroin.

By removing these drugs from the streets, the human and canine duo is saving lives. Keisa’s drug-sniffing skills are incredible, and she can’t be stopped. This determined canine is receiving lots of praise and recognition for her hard work this year.

Officers with K9 Keisa

Starting the Year Off Strong

Keisa and Lopez have had a few successful drug busts so far, but the one in mid-March was the biggest. They removed 260 pounds of meth, several firearms, and over $50,000 in cash from the community.

“Your #GND Detectives & K9 Keisa taking a bite out of crime! *4 arrested *261 lbs of methamphetamine *2 rifles, *1 ghost gun *ammunition & $55K seized! Removing dangerous drugs and weapons off our streets. Doing their part to keep YOU and your family safe!” Carranza wrote on Twitter.

Massive drug bust

Carranza also posted photos of the duo beside the dangerous items. Dozens of bags of meth are on the ground, and they’ve been confiscated since. Four people were taken into custody after this incident. Keisa’s detection skills were incredible in this situation, but it’s not her only major accomplishment this year.

Another Drug Bust

Only a few weeks later, Keisa had another major success. With the help of the FBI in Los Angeles, she and her handler uncovered 104 pounds of meth and heroin. Officers pointed out that major drug busts like this can help reduce overdoses and save lives as a result.

Dog Detects Drugs

“Oops, she did it again!! Your GND Detectives @FBILosAngeles and K9 Keisa removed 104 pounds of methamphetamine and heroin off our streets. Saving lives, reducing overdoses, violent and property crime!” Carranza wrote.

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These two instances are a massive success for a K9 officer, but it doesn’t stop there. Carranza later added another post highlighting the achievements of Keisa and Lopez in the first quarter of 2022. She said they have removed over 500 pounds of poison off the streets to help make California a safer place.

K9 Keisa Drug Busts

Keisa’s accomplishments prove how crucial K9 officers are for police departments. Without their incredible noses, these dangerous substances could go unnoticed.

Great work, Keisa! You’re such a good girl!

H/T: Twitter
Featured Image: Twitter