“Left For Dead” Dog Comes Barreling Over, Later Sabotages Rescue

A dog, named Bo, was left for dead by his owners. He lived in a dilapidated doghouse in the yard. Bo had been attacked by coyotes and was never taken to the vet. He had wounds all over as well as mange.

Street Dog Rescue received a call about Bo, finally, by a neighbor. Volunteers with the rescue group got to Bo as quickly as they could. At first, they thought rescuing Bo would be a simple task. Boy, were they wrong!

Screenshot via YouTube

One of the women approached the area with a treat in hand. Bo smelled it and came barreling over. The big dog was so hungry! He couldn’t wait to devour the treat, but then, as soon as he had the treat in his mouth, he went back into his doghouse and refused to come out. The rescuers put up a temporary fence around the perimeter of the doghouse and then tried to pull Bo out with a lead.

Screenshot via YouTube

Bo was petrified and he pulled the woman, on the other end of the lead hard enough that she had to let go. He then knocked down the fence and hid beneath the main house. Oh no! This wasn’t going smoothly at all. But the women didn’t give up!

Even though Bo was afraid, this rescue was going to happen, no matter how challenging! We’ve never seen a rescue quite like this one. To witness it for yourself and see what happens to Bo next, scroll on down. This story is way too good to miss!

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