Lost Border Collie Hops On The Bus And Heads Home

When a dog gets lost, everyone involved becomes panicked, even the canine themselves. Many lost dogs get so worried that they are hesitant to trust anyone or go anywhere. But not Pepper, the two-year-old Border Collie. She’s possibly the calmest lost dog ever!

The intelligent rescue dog got lost during a walk, but instead of feeling nervous, she used her critical thinking skills. Her humans had taken her on the bus many times before, so she casually found her bus stop and took it home as if it was a normal thing to do. Dog lovers all over the world are shocked by this dog’s amazing adventure.

Border Collie lost

No Need to Panic!

Charlotte Jones and Saffron Caps are Pepper’s human parents. They adopted Pepper when she was five months old after someone was giving her away for being “unwanted and useless.” But Pepper quickly proved herself to be anything but that. She’s now loved very much, and she’s always learning new skills.

One day, Charlotte’s mom, Julie Jones, was walking the pup for her daughter when things went wrong. Like many herding breeds, Pepper had a sudden urge to chase some wild animals, so she bolted off before Julie could catch her. Yet, Pepper didn’t seem distressed when she realized she was lost.

Couple with dog at bus stop

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Pepper ended up walking about three miles to the bus station that she regularly got on with her humans. She patiently waited for the bus, and then hopped on. At first, the bus driver assumed that her human wasn’t far behind, but passengers quickly grew curious about the dog boarding alone.

Luckily, a woman recognized the dog and texted a picture of her to her humans. She told the driver she would stay with Pepper and help bring her home, but Pepper had plans of her own.

Dog riding the bus

Border Collie Shocks Dog Lovers

When the bus reached Pepper’s stop, the pup jumped off without hesitation. The woman that had been waiting with Pepper followed to ensure that the dog made it home safely. Pepper waited patiently for her humans to come get her, and the woman stayed beside her until they arrived.

“She knew when to get up when the bell rang. We have done that bus ride for so long, the doors opened and she jumped off,” said Charlotte.

Border Collie waiting for stop

Even though Pepper had been on that route many times with her humans, that was her first time doing it on her own. Yet, she somehow did it perfectly! Charlotte says it’s like a “real-life Lassie story.” Her journey soon gained popularity on social media and the news.

Charlotte and Saffron tried to reward the woman for keeping their dog safe, but she refused to accept any gifts. She was just happy to know that Pepper was back in her loving home. Pepper is one incredible dog! If she can hop on and off the bus by herself, who knows what else she’s capable of?

Dog reunited with family

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