Lost Dog Sits In Storm Drain For 3 Days Before A Miracle Happens

When a senior dog ran off during a walk, her family didn’t think much of it at first. The dog knows the neighborhood well, so they assumed she’d find her way back home. But when hours went by with no sign of the dog, they feared the worst.

Hours turned into days, and the pup still wasn’t home. The family was about to give up hope, but they decided to look around the area one more time. To their surprise, they found their dog in one of the most unlikely spots, and they were shocked she survived. Finding her at the last minute likely saved her life!

Missing Sprocker Spaniel

Family Dog Vanishes

A 10-year-old Sprocker Spaniel named Ebb went for a typical walk with her human in Suffolk, England. The curious dog ended up getting away from her owner after chasing something. She disappeared into the hedges, and her human couldn’t find her after.

“We weren’t too worried at first as she knows the area really well, and it’s always been very safe,” said Michael Cromwell, the son-in-law of Ebb’s owner.

The family spent time walking around the neighborhood, calling for Ebb. They thought that would be enough to bring her home, but when hours went by without sightings, they knew they had to search harder. They talked to neighbors and posted on social media, encouraging people to help them search.

Missing senior dog poster

It didn’t take long for Ebb’s owner to lose hope, and Michael was also doubtful by the time three days passed. But it’s a good thing they decided to go on one more search party.

A Storm Drain Rescue

The family decided to do one last search around the area before losing hope completely. As Michael was calling for Ebb, his wife announced that she’d found the dog. The senior Spaniel was trapped in a five-foot well, which was filled with water that reached the dog’s chest.

“She must have been sat upright all that time, as she couldn’t lie down or she would have drowned,” Michael said.

Lost dog rescued from storm drain

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When they pulled the shivering pet out, she couldn’t stand on her own, so they rushed her to the vet. The vet kept her overnight and determined that nothing was wrong with her other than being exhausted. Once she was well-rested, she was back to her happy self.

Ebb has never barked much, so Michael believes it never occurred to her that she should bark. She probably heard them calling her name, but assumed they were coming to get her regardless of her reaction. It’s a miracle they found her when they did!

Featured Image: Facebook