Lost For 3-Years, He ‘Howled With Joy’ When He Sees His Dad Standing In Front Of Him

This is such a ‘feel good’ story! Losing a pet is heartbreaking but we promise you a happy ending with this story!


Jack, Mike’s dog, disappeared three years ago, but he never gave up hope that he would see his beloved furry companion again. He spent every free moment looking for him and posting flyers. Despite his optimism, the time without Jack was heartbreaking.


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – USA Today


“Ever since I lost him, I haven’t been the same really,” Mike said. “We did everything together, like I’d even bring him to work half the time, and any time I’d go fishing, he was there. We just did everything together. He was there no matter what I was doing.”


Jack received a phone call from an animal hospital eight. . .   OMG, could this be Jack. . .  Click Here To READ MORE of this story>>>