Lucky Elderly Man Is Greeted Every Day By A ‘Friend’ Who Crawls Out Of The Ice

Over the years, we’ve all seen some unusual and unlikely friendships, but this one may take the cake! One day, a hungry otter showed up at an elderly man’s doorstep seeking food. Since then, Seppo Laamanen, 65, and Iivari the otter have been best pals.. . 


Source: StoryTrender/YouTube


It all started when Seppo fed worms and tiny fish to the starving otter, who was obviously hungry. After that, the kind animal repaid the favour by visiting Seppo at his home in Easter Finland. This was the start of something wonderful.



There’s no way Seppo could’ve known it would all lead to this. This adorably distinctive friendship is something you just have to watch to believe. There’s nothing better than the connection between two pals, regardless of species! 🙂

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