Man Builds $51,000 Luxury Mansion For His Pampered Pups

For some pups, a dog house might not be enough. But a dog mansion is something that no pooch can resist. A man in China known by the surname Zhou recently spent tens of thousands of dollars building a luxurious oasis for his furry friends.

He posted clips of the mansion on Douyin, which is China’s version of TikTok. Many followers were blown away after seeing that the dogs in this mansion have more amenities than the average person. While it’s an unusual way to spend money, the dogs seem very happy and well-cared for, so that’s what matters.

Dog bedrooms in mansion

A Dedicated Dog Dad

Zhou is a 33-year-old crayfish businessman who has more than 10 dogs in his care. He had the idea to create a large dog house, but at first, he wanted it to be simple and modest. Yet, his 8.5 million followers on Douyin kept giving him crazy suggestions, so his plans for the house quickly turned into a quirky mansion.

This project started when Zhou uploaded a video of a brick dog house he built in 2019. Many viewers thought the dogs looked bored, so they offered suggestions. Zhou listened to everyone’s advice, which lead to him eventually creating this unique masterpiece.

Dog mansion exterior

Zhou made over 200 changes to his original plan after hearing suggestions from others. He wanted to ensure that the building was perfect for his pups. So, once he settled on a design, he began building the massive dog house in Xuyi Country in the Jiangsu Province of eastern China.

It took him about three years to complete the mansion, but it was worth it. He spent 340,000 yuan building it, which is the equivalent of $51,100. When he revealed the completed project to his followers, people couldn’t believe how many detailed amenities the dogs got.

Dog lounging in pool

So Many Luxurious Amenities!

The indoor areas of the property are air-conditioned, and it has everything the dogs need on a daily basis. The dogs have a bathroom space where the urine filters through the floor. There’s also an assortment of beds to lay in all over the mansion.

However, some of the more obscure amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, a movie room with a projector, and a garden space with flowing water. The dogs also get plenty of rides, such as swings, a slide, and even a mini Ferris wheel!

Dog Ferris wheel

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While most things are dog-sized, the mansion is still accessible to humans. So, Zhou can spend time hanging out with his furry friends as much as he wants. There are even some climbing areas for cats to get in on the fun.

Zhou said that his dream has always been to build a luxurious dog mansion for his pets. Once he got enough money to do so, he said he’d rather spend money on that than on clothes or expensive bags. He loves his dogs a lot, so he’s always happy to spoil them. To see all the details of the mansion, you can visit Zhou’s Douyin page.

Outdoor dog pool

Featured Image: Douyin