Man Hopes That His Heartbreak Over Late Dog Can Serve As A Warning To Others

After a tragic accident led to his dog’s death, Ryan Brand is determined to spread an important message about the dangers of suffocation for dogs. Brand took to Facebook to tell a heartbreaking story about his beloved dog of eight years, Hippo. According to his post, Brand came home from work one day expecting his best friend to give him a warm welcome. Instead, he came home to find that Hippo had suffocated after getting his head stuck inside a chip bag.


Instead of seeking sympathy and condolences, Brand wrote what he really wants is to share his story with other dog owners. He wrote,

“I am sharing this in hopes of preventing the same thing happening to other dogs. After a quick Google search, I discovered that this was not the freak accident that I initially thought.”

Too many dogs (and cats) have suffered the same fate as Hippo. Dogs looking for a mid-day snack steal empty chip bags from the trash or snatch them off the counter only to find themselves stuck with the bag over their head. It doesn’t matter how big or small the dog is or how strong they are, many struggle to get the bag off. They don’t have thumbs to pluck the bag off their heads, and as they panic, their fast breathing creates a vacuum inside the bag. The air within the bag is depleted within seconds, and the level of carbon dioxide rises. They eventually run out of air and die from asphyxiation.


When Brand left for work that day, he had no idea the dangerous risks related to the chip bag he left out in the open. According to Preventive Vet, 90% of pet owners who lost a pet due to a bag-related suffocation were unaware that it was even possible. Brand can’t bring back Hippo, but he can help raise awareness and save countless other dogs. He said,

“I know after reading this many of my friends and loved ones will want to comment below or contact me. Rather than that, I challenge you to spread this message next time you see a pet owner. We all keep chocolate out of reach because we know the dangers. If I knew death by chip bag was a thing, this would have been prevented.”

Brand’s message is already making a difference. It’s been shared almost 56,000 times on social media, and it’s started a general conversation about the dangers of suffocation for dogs. Chip bags aren’t the only kind of bags to watch out for. Cereal bags, pet food bags, pet treat bags, and bread bags, have all been the cause of dog deaths. Always keep bags of all kinds safely out of reach of pets. And share this message in honor of Hippo’s memory.

Featured Image Source: Facebook/Ryan Brand