Man Who Shot Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Is Accidentally Released From Jail

In early 2021, Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot as attackers tried to steal her three French Bulldogs. The thieves took two of the singer’s dogs and left the dog walker bleeding out. It’s suspected that the dognappers didn’t know the Frenchies belonged to a celebrity.

It was a roller coaster of emotions, but eventually, all of Gaga’s dogs returned home, and five people were charged. James Howard Jackson, Jaylin White, and Lafayette Whaley were charged for the attempted murder of Ryan Fischer, Gaga’s dog walker. But in an unexpected situation, Jackson was released from jail far too soon, and reports say it was a mistake.

Lady Gaga hugging French Bulldog

A Clerical Error

Reports state that Jackson is the one who shot Fisher. He was charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit robbery, and second-degree robbery. So, he was supposed to have a long sentence ahead of him.

However, he was released at 3:38 pm on April 6th due to a clerical error. Last month, prosecutors considered filing a new case involving an amended indictment relating to Harold White and Jennifer McBride, who assisted in the theft but weren’t charged as heavily.

Since the initial case was supposed to be replaced by the new one, the system had an error that said Jackson’s case was dismissed. He had only been in custody for a year, and his bail was over $3 million.

Lady Gaga Frenchies

This isn’t the first time something like this has occurred in Los Angeles. In 2018, Steven Manzo was accused of killing a man but was released shortly after a technical error dismissed his case. The case was immediately refiled, and Manzo was taken into custody again.

Searching for Suspect

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which runs the jail system, hasn’t spoken up about the situation. Authorities are currently searching for Jackson, but they haven’t been successful yet. After what he did to Gaga’s dogs and dog walker, it’s terrifying to think that the man is temporarily on the streets again.

Fischer has spoken out since the incident and explained that he’s traumatized by it. Yet, he has no resentment toward Lady Gaga and her furry friends. Jackson shot him because he refused to give up the dogs when asked. So, that shows his extreme dedication to the dogs in his care.

Lady Gaga dog walker

Gaga and Fischer will never be the same after this incident, but at least the dogs are safe. Once Jackson is brought back into custody, Gaga can breathe a sigh of relief once again. Sadly, Frenchie owners need to be extra cautious when walking their dogs since the breed is in such high demand.

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