Mom Bawls Her Eyes Out When “Gargoyle” Dog Runs For The First Time

A stray dog in Mexico desperately needed human intervention. She had been nicknamed “Gargoyle” by locals because of her appearance. Her skin looked more like an elephant’s skin than a canine’s. She was skinny and riddled with mange. Poor girl!

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A couple, Alex and Brady, flew from Canada to Mexico to save animals in need. When Brady picked her up and held her in his arms, she wasn’t sure what to think, but she was too weak to try to escape. Once secure in the couple’s car, it was time to head to the vet clinic.

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The vet didn’t have good news for them. Her bloodwork showed several issue,s and she needed to go on a course of steroids. Thankfully, the vet had some good news: the couple could pick her up later that same day. The veterinarian kept calling the pup “Mija” which means “my girl” in Spanish. Alex loved the name, and it stuck. Mija had quite the journey ahead of her, but now she had loving rescuers to help her along the way.

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The couple’s plan was to foster Mija until she was healthy enough to go to a forever home. Alex and Brady took Mija to the beach every day so she could get some exercise, but of course, she would have to strengthen her muscles first. What started out as a few steps a day, turned into something so miraculous that it made her foster mom cry. Her story continues below, and it’ll blow you away! Thank you Alex and Brady for giving Mija a second chance at life.

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