Mom Worried When Entranced Dog Won’t Break ‘His Stare’ At The Same Spot Everyday

The loyalty of dogs to their human loved ones is seen in the numerous stories of dog-parents. Ask them and they will share stories of how their pup kept bouncing back up after anything life threw at it, whether or not it was understood by its owner or handler.

Every single day, deep down inside, there are things that remind us everything is going to be ok. This heartwarming story provides a small ray of light in our lives to show us that when all hope seems lost, there are still genuinely good people to be found in the world.



Story/Image Source Credi: YouTube Video



His stare is trancelike for good reason, this is the moment he waits for every day once his favorite boy leaves home in the early hours.

Dogs can sense time of day and are usually pretty accurate when it comes to a consistent routine. Once the sun hits a certain point, or a dog can sense enough time has passed, he or she will then take notice and get ready to respond appropriately.



Story/Image Source Credi: YouTube Video