Navy Dog Who Rescued 53 People Spends Her Retirement As A Pampered Pet

A few years ago, we told you about an adorable Labrador named Frida. Frida worked with the Mexican Navy’s Canine Unit. Her job required her to work alongside soldiers to rescue people and save their lives just in the nick of time – something she excelled at.

The selfless pup rose to international stardom after rescuing 12 people following the 2017 earthquakes in Oaxaca and Mexico City. When she was just a year old, Frida traveled to Haiti to participate in rescue operations after the deadly earthquakes. Locating over 50 people throughout her career and her dedication to her country won the hearts of people all over the world.


A statue of Frida was erected and dedicated in her honor in Puebla City back in 2018. After devoting her life to helping others, 10-year-old Frida traded in her protective equipment for a dog toy and a comfy bed in 2019. Now, three years later, Frida is 13-years-old, and her health is declining.

Even Heros Have To Slow Down

There is no immediate risk of death. However, Frida’s Navy family is aware that it is imminent, and they are preparing to say goodbye.

“Frida is in stable health, has some age-related ailments, and is under permanent medical review. There is no latent risk that she could die, but she is already a geriatric animal and as such, we need to have the necessary care,” said Lieutenant Miguel Angel Huerta Miranda, a veterinarian caring for Frida.

Like many other dogs her age, she no longer runs or jumps. Frida has taken a slower and more relaxed approach to life, and rightfully so.

“She no longer performs any operational activity, she is in retirement, we just keep her under special nutrition, medical care, and relaxation. She no longer performs any physical activity,” Miranda told Vallarta Daily.


Her Country Continues To Honor Her Contributions In Her Final Days

Frida, whose once golden hair is now white, begins her day at 9:00 AM. She starts out relaxing in the garden before heading inside for breakfast. After breakfast, she returns to her kennel to rest. Frida is checked multiple times throughout the day by one of her three veterinarians. They pay special attention to her heart, lungs, and joints.

“She has a lot of charisma, she gives us a lot of joy, peace, a lot of security. She is totally an icon, she is a dog that marked the history of the Mexican Navy and that is why we keep her, we make an effort to keep her in good health,” said Miranda.


While Frida enjoys a laid-back lifestyle these days, the memories of her heroism reverberate throughout the world. Frida’s wagging tail and resounding bark always gave hope in times of despair.

Former Undersecretary of the Navy, Eduardo Redondo Aramburo said, “She has told us without a single word that faith is an internal force that should never be lost.”

Featured Photo: Twitter