Neighbors Spot A Starving Pit Bull Trapped On The Top Floor Of A Crumbling House

As if living life as a homeless pup isn’t hard enough, imagine finding a place that you thought was safe, only for it to start crumbling around you.

For weeks, a sweet stray Pittie now named Lily was stuck high up in an abandoned house, all by herself. But brave rescuers refused to give up as they climbed through the rubble of the falling structure to save her.

Lily Stuck

When neighbors spotted the unmistakable face of a Pibble poking out of the side of a dilapidated house, they knew that they needed to call for help. Not only was this sweet soul stuck way up high and all alone, but the building was falling apart around her. Now scared and starving, Lily was forced to face the unthinkable.

How Did Lily Get Stuck?

After retreating from rising flood water in the basement, Lily decided to avoid the ground level and its treacherous floor filled with holes. Instead, she opted to flee to even higher ground and made her way up the stairs to the second story. But not long after Lily managed to escape, the staircase fell to pieces behind her. 

Lily on Bed

This left Poot Lily stranded, with no way for her to get down and find food. For weeks she was stuck, watching the house fall apart around her as she slowly starved to death.

Help came in the knick of time after someone spotted Lily from outside. Ironically, one of the things that made this situation so scary is ultimately what led to her rescue. 

The Nerve-Wracking Rescue

If not for the hole in the side of the house, Lily might not have been spotted. But finally, help was on the way. Stray Rescue of St. Louis’ brave volunteers were willing to walk (or climb in this case) into a dangerous situation in order to save Lily’s life. 

Lily stuck

As you can see in the video below, the house was dilapidated, with huge holes in the floor and broken stairs preventing Lily from leaving on her own. It’s no surprise this sweet pup was trembling with fear as rescuers approached. 

Lily smiling

Lily stayed completely still as rescuers slowly made their way across the makeshift bridge they created to help them navigate the missing stairs. All the dirt, debris, broken glass, and lingering flood water certainly didn’t make it easy, but they were able to get the dog to safety. 

Now She’s Spoiled Rotten

Nowadays, it’s hard to believe that three-year-old Lily was once so skinny and starving. Her new family absolutely adores her, and they do their best to celebrate her and spoil her rotten.

Lily with Family

We are thrilled to see Lily’s transformation from skin and bones to a healthy, happy pup living the life she truly deserves!

Check out the video of her rescue below and follow her journey via Facebook by clicking here.