New Colognes For Dogs Are Totally Posh & Made Stinky The Way Pups Like

Because your dog deserves the lush life, treat your furry one with a cologne they’ll love. And made in scents they’ll flip over, your pup will beg for a spritz of this unique spray every day! But you may want to apply that squirt outside because we mean it when we say these parfums should be classified as the most odiferous of all odors.

Stinky is what dogs love, and that’s what the makers of Steenks Cologne for Dogs kept in mind when blending these ferociously stinky blends. And now, bottles of this perfume for pups are flying off virtual shelves, and celebrities and influencers have been raving about these ultra-posh spritzes for pooches. They say their dogs have never been happier or smellier.

Steenks for Happy Stinking

Dog perfumes and colognes aren’t a new concept. But all those smell good spritzes are designed to please the human nose. Steenks is a pup perfume made with the purpose of satisfying the canine olfactory organs. While you’ll wrinkle your nose at the array of odors Steenks offers, your best buddy will think the scent better than a spring breeze.

Steenks also cares about keeping your dog healthy and happy, so they’ve made certain to keep their ingredients all-natural and organic. Plus, every odor was produced right here in the U.S.A. But don’t expect flowers and citrus. Oh no, these are stinky in just the way a dog will love.

Creator Rose Reekson explained to iHeartDogs, “If dogs had their way, they’d smell like a dumpster every day of their life. Now, they can stink while staying clean! It’s a win for dog moms and their fur babes.”

So, which scent will be your dog’s favorite?

A Putrid Bouquet of Scents Good Enough to Roll In

Made in scents irresistible enough your pooch will want to roll in them all, you’ll have a hard time deciding which of the four scents to try first.

Because some dogs love getting caught in the rain and mud, Steenks offers the scent of Wet Dog. It’s strong enough to please your pup but not so bad you’ll be gassed out of the room.

The Pee-Soaked Grass scent is another matter. Blended to smell like grass and dirt that’s been urinated on for weeks without end, your dog might just try to pee on the bottle!

Two-Day Old Garbage really captures the sour smell of dairy and canned dog food remnants after the miasma has sat and stewed for forty-eight hours. Delightful to a dog, gross to you!

And the smelliest of the smelly, Roadkill scent will have your dog rolling all over the place. Crafted from odors collected from roadsides after the sun has heated the day, it’s the most potent of the lot, fur sure!

For the spring season, enjoy special pricing on Steenks Cologne for Dogs and fetch your pup a bottle for only $75.

But here’s something important you need to know about these pawsh perfumes… it’s all a joke!