No One Would Help ‘Dying Dog’ In Remote Mountain Village, So They Took Over

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When two rescue workers heard about a dog trapped in a remote hamlet, they immediately wanted to help. They didn’t care when they were informed that trekking there and back would be impossible, or that carrying him down would be too difficult.



Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo – YouTube Video



This little Taiwanese village could only be reached by foot. A vehicle would not be able to reach it, so two brave and full of heart men volunteered to make the trip themselves. The hiker is an expert who has a lot more confidence than the other guy, but even he knew this would be a daring expedition.

The group left in the early hours of the morning and arrived at the home where the dog was staying. The men glanced over at the makeshift doghouses, but they were all vacant. They felt as if they had reached their limit. However, when they looked around the property for him, he was hiding behind a stack of plastic chairs. The rescuers were relieved to discover him there and immediately excitement took over.



Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo – YouTube Video



It was obvious why the dog had been so friendly. Then they discovered why. He was quite feeble and in severe distress. He then rested his head on one of their legs because he knew he didn’t have long to live. The rescuers wasted no time, immediately beginning treatment. They put him in a backpack and hoped that he would stay calm so that they could carry him down the mountain with the pack on his back.



Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo – YouTube Video


They chose to name the dog “Sandy.” During the whole trip, he was a ‘good boy’. Both men were shocked. It looked as if he understood everything. He seemed to grasp that this trek down the mountain would lead him to a beautiful new life. Sandy was correct; the descent down the mountain was just the beginning of his adventure. For a week, he had to go to the veterinarian for medical treatment and two paws had to be amputated, but we assure you that he adjusted well.


We don’t want to give the full story away so, be sure to watch the video below. It will remind you that humans are amazing and that kindness and love still exists!


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