Object Stirred Beneath A Water Tank In 122-Degree Desert

In Kuwait, smack in the middle of the desert landscape, homeless animals fight to survive. The temperatures rise to dangerous conditions making it more difficult for innocent animals to find shade, food, and clean water.

One such dog, later named Sandy, was found underneath a water tank. The people that passed by could barely see her. Sandy dug a hole beneath the large tank to keep as cool as possible in the sweltering heat. The dog was also protecting a litter of puppies.

Screenshot via YouTube

In the video below, you will see a rescuer approach Sandy. The mama dog had no idea what to think. What were the woman’s intentions? Will she harm her or her babies? Sandy braced herself, with her head down. She looks so scared!

Then the woman reaches out. Sandy is hesitant but sniffs her hand. It is obvious that Sandy is protective of her babies. She was shielding them from the elements as well as the stranger who stood close by.

Screenshot via YouTube

With patience and persistence, the woman gains Sandy’s trust. The woman is so gentle. She reaches into the ditch and picks up one of Sandy’s babies. When Sandy sees that the woman is kind to her pup, she allows her to handle all of them. The puppies are placed inside a crate. The rescuer is then able to pull Sandy out with a leash and place her inside the crate with her litter.

It’s at this point, Sandy understands she is now safe. Sandy is so happy to see a bowl of fresh water placed inside.

Screenshot via YouTube

The dogs are then taken to a special place you cannot miss! Sandy and her babies wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for the heroes in this video. The day Sandy was found, it was a whopping 122 degrees Fahrenheit. We are beyond thankful for this incredible rescue. To see it for yourself, and to watch what happens next, check out the video below.

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