Office Makes Employee’s Dog The Official “Barketing Manager”

Workplace dogs are becoming more common these days. Usually, they’re pets of employees who want them by their side during the day. Some dogs, like Kira, have official roles at the company.

After accompanying him to work for a while, the pup from Lithuania received her own ID badge from her dad’s company. As her title states, she’s the official “Barketing Manager.”


The ID Badge Makes It Official

Kira’s dad, Jonas, posted a photo of his dog’s ID badge to Reddit. From his account “mad_jon” he wrote:

Doggo got accepted into the new office.”

It started with Jonas bringing Kira with him to his dog-friendly workplace. Everyone there loved her straight away, and not long after, she became an official member of the team.

“After some time she got recognized as a calm and even relaxing dog. The day Kira received her role our company’s administrator made the card and informed me (jokingly) that Kira had passed the trial period,” Jonas told Newsweek.


The ID card was a nice surprise for Jonas and a sure sign Kira belongs with him during the days. It’s not clear what exactly the “Barketing Manager” job entails, but I bet Kira is great at it.

“I was so surprised when the administrator gave her the badge (I leave her off the leash as she behaves real calm) and when I read the position I’ve burst into laughing,” Jonas added in a Reddit comment.

Q&A About Kira The Barketing Manager

Jonas’ post on Reddit received over 23,000 upvotes. Everyone loves both Kira and the concept of a “barketing manager.” As to whether Kira’s title means she “manage[s] the barks” or ” is… a manager who barks,” Jonas replied: “She does both.”

One commenter asked where Kira sees herself in five years.

“Hm, I wonder, I suppose she does see herself surrounded by pawllified specialists with a ton of work tools (ahem, *stuffed toys*) around and mastered.”


Another asked what the pay is for Kira’s position. “Treats, belly rubs, ear and back massages” is the answer.

“Every morning, Kira walks around the office and greets her co-workers,” explained Jonas. “She receives a nice amount of pets, back scratches and belly rubs.”


Before joining the corporate world, Kira spent a year at a shelter. The 4-year-old rescue pup now thrives as both a manager and a beloved family dog.

H/T: Newsweek
Featured Image: Reddit