Old Pit Bull Had 2 Strikes Against Him Then They Found Out His Real Age

A shelter dog that was passed over time and time again had given up on life. His graying face and lack of movement indicated he was around 10 years old. Senior dogs are especially hard to place, let alone Pit Bulls.

He had two things working against him: his breed and his age. He had arthritis, and moving around was painful! The poor pup was put at the top of the euthanasia list.

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The senior dog’s arthritis made it painful to move. The poor boy lay in his kennel as the days ticked by. The pup, later named Leo, was thankfully pulled from the shelter by a rescue group that specializes in Pit Bulls. Soon after, a woman named Deanna came into the picture. She met Leo and as she says in the video, “The rest is history.” The next part of Leo’s story is incredible!

Screenshot via YouTube

Deanna had Leo thoroughly checked out by her veterinarian and it turned out the Pibble was only 5 years old! Yes, Leo had a graying face and painful arthritis but his condition was due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise. People had made too many assumptions about Leo and these assumptions could have cost him his life!

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What was even more amazing is that once Leo was placed into a loving home, he really came out of his shell. Deanna explains that he must’ve spent his first few years living outside because he had no clue how to “dog,” but then everything changed! This story is so darn awesome! We are thrilled that Leo found his forever family just in time!

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