Orlando Bloom Fosters Dog In Honor Of His Late Pup Mighty

2020 has been a year of ups and downs, especially for Orlando Bloom and fiancée Katy Perry. On the bright side, they had their first daughter, Daisy. But before that exciting moment, the couple suffered a terrible tragedy: the loss of their beloved dog named Mighty.

At first, Mighty just went missing, but they soon discovered that he had passed away. Bloom shared an emotional tribute to Mighty and even got a tattoo in his honor, but nothing could fix the paw-shaped hole in his heart. After months of grieving, he soon learned that the best way to honor Mighty was to help save another dog. So, he recently introduced fans to his new foster dog named Buddy!

Orlando Bloom and Foster Dog
Image: @orlandobloom/Instagram

Meet Buddy

About four months after saying goodbye to Mighty, Bloom decided that it was time to open his heart to another dog. He figured fostering was the best way to do that, especially with so much going on in the world right now. So, with the help of Tobie’s Small Dog Rescue and the Labelle Foundation, he was connected with Buddy.

“Please meet Buddy, a one year old something & something mix,” Bloom wrote on Instagram. “Nothing can replace mighty man, but fostering this little guy has really filled my heart.”

On Instagram, Bloom shared two adorable photos of Buddy. One shows the small white dog sleeping peacefully beside Bloom while the other is a before photo of him. He looks scruffier and more hesitant in the before photo, but still undeniably adorable. Those two photos alone prove how much fostering can change a dog’s life.

Orlando Bloom Foster Dog Before
Image: @orlandobloom/Instagram

Bloom Encourages Fans to Foster

It seems that Bloom has quickly bonded with Buddy, and the pup seems equally as pleased to have a human to love him. The two were even seen out and about on a safe, socially distanced walk. Thanks to this experience, Bloom has reached out to fans to encourage more people to foster.

“If you’ve never fostered or are considering, I’d highly recommend it,” Bloom wrote. “It leaves two beings better off & remember what they say, never judge a book by its cover.”

Of course, Buddy will never replace Mighty, but fostering has helped both Bloom and Buddy get a better life. Mighty would be proud to see his dad reaching out to help another dog in need. And if you’re able, why not consider taking in a foster dog too?

Orlando Bloom and Mighty
Image: @orlandobloom/Instagram

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