Orphaned Elephant Didn’t Have A Single Friend, Then A Dog Climbed On Her Head

Bubbles was an orphaned Elephant that was discovered by some animal lovers and rescuers who were working in Africa when she was a young calf. Her vicious poachers killed her parents, making her survival all the more difficult — especially because elephants can only survive on social interaction.


Image/Story Source Credit: Bouju1 via YouTube Video



Poaching has devastated elephant populations around the world, and there are simply not enough rehabilitation facilities to save all of them. However, Bubbles was fortunate when Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina permitted her to stay.

However, the heartbroken elephant found her ultimate blessing in the form of a sister from another species – Bella the black Labrador! ❤️



Image/Story Source Credit: Bouju1 via YouTube Video



When Bella first met Bubbles, she was a bewildered abandoned puppy. The two formed an immediate friendship!


They connected over their mutual love for swimming and would spend hours just hanging out and playing fetch in the pool without a care in the world.



Image/Story Source Credit: Bouju1 via YouTube Video


Best friends Bubbles and Bella are now inseparable, and their long-standing friendship is being recognized everywhere! While Bubbles was fortunate to be saved from her terrible existence in the hazardous jungle by Bella, it was Bella who truly redeemed her spirit by accepting her as a kindred spirit!


Let’s celebrate this beautiful bond of love and friendship between these two. Click the video below to watch Bella and Bubbles getting lost in each other’s company!


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