Owner Brings Puppy To Be Euthanized For “Not Playing”, Rescuers Were Able To Intervene Quickly

Simba was discarded in Cape Town, South Africa, because he wasn’t like all the other “normal” dogs. For a long time, Simba had been sick and sad, according to zenoonee. Simba wouldn’t be very energetic or joyful; this was why his former owners chose to abandon him. He was discovered by a rescue team and brought to their shelter. The staff and veterinarian were shocked when they saw the dog in this condition. How can someone just drop a being like that?



Image/Story Source Credit: Sidewalk Specials via YouTube Video





Animals are subjected to the same emotions and challenges that we are. How would you feel if your family or closest friends abandoned you during a tough period? Some people, sadly, resort to inhumane treatment of animals, but there are wonderful-hearted individuals and rescue shelters that do an amazing job assisting these kind of puppies in need.




Image/Story Source Credit: Sidewalk Specials via YouTube Video



You’re going to LOVE the heart warming ending to the story in the video below! Be sure to watch until the very end!


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