Pained Stray With ‘Torn Open’ Injury Wagged With Hope As They Approach

Animals from other nations, particularly those that are poor, flood their communities. Many pet owners can’t afford to get their pets spayed or neutered, and the problem just grows worse. It was discovered that one dog named Sunny-day lived on the factory’s ground. It’s common for locals to feed the dogs and try to make them at ease, but veterinary care is a limiting factor.


Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Aid via YouTube Video




That is why organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited are so important. The volunteers put in a lot of effort and donated resources to help animals like Sunny-day. The poor girl was severely injured. When the rescuers responded to the call about the adorable little girl, they went straight to the factory. They were greeted with wagging tails and no resistance from her! She understood she was safe and began crying tears of joy!




Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Aid via YouTube Video




They took her straight to the sanctuary after repairs. Her wound was four inches long, and it affected her neck muscles. She also had an eye infection that needed attention. This sweet dog had already endured so much suffering due to mankind’s cruelty. In every area, she was said to be a wonderful girl, even cleaning her wounds with care.



Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Aid via YouTube Video



She made a complete recovery following surgical treatment for her neck injury! Although Sunny-day had many gloomy days in the past, her present and future are filled with nothing less than a happy, healthy life. Together with a lot of beautiful sunshine ahead.


Be sure to watch the HEARTWARMING video below all the way to the end. We promise a happy ending for this pup!


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