Pamela Anderson Starts Dog Walking Side Gig For Her “Dose Of Dogs”

Actress Pamela Anderson isn’t just known for her beauty. She’s also an animal advocate! The Baywatch star currently has four rescue dogs at her home in Vancouver Island, Canada. However, Anderson is currently in New York City playing the role of Roxie Hart in Chicago. Sadly, she was unable to bring her pups to the city with her.

So, Anderson is desperate to spend time with some canine companions. As a way to get her “dose of dogs,” she decided to become a dog walker on the side. She now has a furry friend in New York that she walks with daily!

Pamela Anderson

One Lucky Pooch

Anderson is in New York for an 8-week run of the Broadway show, which is too long for her to be away from dogs. She sees plenty of pups during her daily jogs through Central Park, but that isn’t enough for her. If she can’t have her dogs with her, then she decided that bonding with a new furry friend would be the next best thing.

So, Anderson asked her assistant if they knew of anyone in the city looking for a dog walker. Sure enough, her assistant had a friend looking for someone to walk their Irish Setter named Dash. Anderson happily agreed to do it and didn’t expect any money in return. Spending quality time with the canine was enough payment for her.

Dash the Irish Setter

When the celebrity arrived for her dog-walking gig, Dash’s parents were shocked. Dash quickly bonded with Anderson, and the two have been going on walks together for three weeks now.

“Pam got wonderful reviews playing Roxie Hart in Chicago — but Dash is her biggest fan,” said Jonathan Walland, Dash’s owner. “He took an immediate liking to her. She is clearly a dog lover and a genuine pet person.”

Pamela Anderson going for walk

Filling the Dog-Less Void

Anderson plans to continue walking Dash for as long as she’s in New York. He’s no replacement for her furry friends, but walking him is the perfect way for her to get her “dose of dogs.”

“I think she really misses her own dogs,” Walland said. “Being in New York working for a few weeks is bound to make anyone miss home — and being able to spend time with a wonderful dog probably makes Pam feel welcome.”

Dog running in Central Park

The star’s Broadway debut will continue until the first week of June. Then, she’ll be able to head home to see her rescue dogs again. Her return is sure to be a heartwarming reunion!

Featured Image: Facebook and YouTube