Pit Bull Chained Up In Snow Cried For Help, Police Officer Gives Her The ‘Chance Of A Lifetime’

This story is absolutely going to WARM your heart and besides, happy endings are ALWAYS a great thing to watch!

Dog lovers are aware that it’s not the breed of the dog that matters, but how well that dog has been raised, treated, and loved. Pit Bulls have a bad reputation among some people, which has cost them far too many lives. But one police officer is attempting to reverse people’s negative perceptions one incorrect assumption at a time.


Meet Officer Justin Bruzgul, who rescued Kiah from a terrible existence. He discovered her chained up in the snow, freezing, and pleading for help. He saw that she had unwavering loyalty, brains, and a heart of gold. He realized she had the potential to help others, so he took her under his wing and taught her how to be a K9 officer.


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – Inside Edition



Kiah passed the test with flying colors and became the first Pit Bull K9 officer in New York State. Kiah’s rescue and turnaround demonstrates that Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs!