Pit Bull Was Devastated After Her Babies Passed And Then She Met An ‘Orphaned’ Puppy

Animal Control officers picked up a stray pregnant Pit Bull and contacted a local rescue to invite her in instead. The rescue wanted this sweet mama-to-be to give birth in a comfortable setting rather than a scary shelter.


Image Source Credit: (Facebook Post Facebook/Halfway There Rescue )


Halfway There Rescue decided to take Daya into her shelter. However, Daya tragically lost her babies in utero and also had a bad infection which required surgery.


Daya was able to recover and everything went smoothly. She went on to live with a foster where she could recuperate. Daya was now safe, but one important thing was missing: her babies. The staff noticed that Daya would take in socks and toys and act like they were her babies, perhaps to fill the void.


Image Source Credit: (Facebook Post Facebook/Halfway There Rescue )


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