Pittie Found In Ditch Missing Ears Thanks The Rescuers Who Saved His Life

In January of 2020, York County Animal Control in South Carolina received a call about a dog abandoned by the side of a dirt road. Right away it was clear this poor dog had been through a lot.

Scooter, as he would soon be called, was used as a bait dog. He’d been tied up by his back legs and hung from a tree so fighting dogs could learn how to fight by attacking him. As a result of this cruel practice, he suffered severe injuries to his face and ears.

Warning: the following image may be disturbing to sensitive readers.


In terrible condition, Scooter spent five days in the hospital and a month with a medical foster before coming to Wings of Freedom animal rescue in Connecticut. He needed to have bandages changed daily for two weeks and then every other day for three months.


In spite of everything that happened to him, Scooter still liked people and other dogs. He ultimately lost both of his ears, but the scars left behind are a reminder of his strength and the love and patience his rescuers showed him.

Though he could have died, Scooter made a complete turnaround. In July, 5 months after his rescue, he found a home where he could just be a dog, loved and cared for. He has a wonderful family and another rescue dog sibling.

Incredibly, Scooter was able to move past his terrible beginnings. The Wings of Freedom president told WCNC:

“People say they feel sorry for him. He’s just over it, you know, he’s a happy dog. He lives with another dog, he’s got great parents.”

Scooter Thanks His Saviors

Now 3-years-old and living the happy life he deserves in Connecticut, Scooter and his person decided they had to thank all those who helped him. They recently returned to York County to celebrate these heroes.


Scooter visited Carolina Vet Services, York County Animal Control, and even attended a thank-you picnic where he got to give kisses and show off his progress. He reunited with his first foster mom Elizabeth and Ms. Nagel, the animal control officer whose quick action saved Scooter’s life.


Rescuing animals is tough and often heartbreaking work. When you get to see the impact of your work, like with Scooter and his wonderful new life, it makes it extremely worthwhile.

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H/T: Fox61
Featured Image: @Scooterthebuly/Facebook