Pregnant Woman’s Boyfriend Asks Her to Give Up Dog For A New Apartment

A young couple who are expecting a baby are currently living in a small one bedroom apartment with their dog of five years. Anticipating the need for more space once the baby arrives, they decided to start looking for a bigger place. The boyfriend found an ideal apartment that lacked one important thing: they do not allow pets. He shocked the future mother of his child by asking her to give her beloved dog up. You can probably guess how that went over!

Just Get Rid of Her

The woman took to Reddit to air her grievance and see how other users felt about the sticky situation. She explained in her original post that she is four months pregnant and they want to move into an apartment with at least two bedrooms. Her boyfriend found a complex nearby their current one-bedroom place that is fancy and filled with desirable amenities. The catch? The don’t allow pets. The girlfriend said on Reddit, “He asked me to just get rid of her or give her to my parents.” You know, like the dog is an old couch or outdated appliance rather than a living, breathing member of the family. Ugh!


He Accused Her of Being the Selfish One

Obviously the girlfriend refused to give up her dog to move into an apartment. She has been in a relationship with her pup for longer than she has her boyfriend. She loves her dog and views her as a family member with the lifetime commitment that implies. As she pointed out on Reddit, there are plenty of dog-friendly two-bedroom apartments that are suitable and available in their area. But her boyfriend had the nerve to call her selfish, insinuating that she was putting her own needs above those of their unborn child. As if! She said, “He told me that I’m being selfish for not wanting to give her up. That I should put our baby first.” Seems like the boyfriend is the only one being selfish here, choosing apartment amenities and style over a devoted furry friend.

Users Suggest She Get Rid of the Boyfriend Instead

Many of the Reddit users that responded to her post suggested a solution that would allow the girlfriend to keep her current one-bedroom apartment and her dog. Get rid of the boyfriend instead! After all, he’s showing some less-than-flattering true colors that may be giant red flags for their future. Anyone willing to just dump a loved one in favor of a tricked-out apartment complex may not be the long-term partner a dog-loving woman and her human baby needs.