Protective Pup Stays By The Side Of Lost Boy Until Authorities Arrive

It was during a warm Saturday afternoon in Texas that five-year-old Jose and his mother, Jasmine, laid down for a midday nap. What’s better than an afternoon nap on a hot day? But when she woke-up a short time later, Jasmine was almost instantly aware that something wasn’t right. Not long after she woke-up, Jose’s mother discovered that her young son was gone. 


Jose and Mom

After she frantically searched their house top to bottom, the only plausible explanation that she could conceive was that Jose had woken up, somehow made his way outside, and he had wandered away. So, she didn’t hesitate to call and ask the Houston Police Department for help. After all, who knows how far Jose could have wandered? Or if someone could have taken him. But as it turned out, Jose was not entirely alone.

His Best Friend Never Left His Side

This would have been a super scary situation for any mother of a young child who was missing, but Jose is not only 5-years-old, but he also has down syndrome. Fortunately, this scary situation had a happy outcome, and the search didn’t take very long at all. About half an hour after Jasmine called, eyewitnesses spotted Jose and his German Shepherd “Alejandro” walking along some railroad tracks one half-mile from their home.

Jose and Alejandro

Between the call from Jose’s mother, and then a call from eyewitnesses, the authorities were quickly able to find them, and get them to safety. Even when Jose was comfortably resting in the cool air conditioning of a squad car, and sipping on some water, Alejandro insisted on being by his side. A mere moment after Jose was situated in his seat, his furry best friend absolutely insisted on hopping in as well. 


“Alejandro has always been a very over-protective dog, ever since we got him, and we got him when he was a baby. I was not surprised when they said he was walking with him the whole entire time,” shared Samantha, Jose’s older sister.

Houston Police Department Sgt. Ricardo Salas believes that Alejandro is a hero. He would not let his tiny human be alone or out of his sight the entire outing. Plus, Jose was found almost completely unharmed, and with only a couple of scrapes to show for his afternoon. You simply cannot deny how strong the bond is between us and our furry family members. It’s so obvious how much they love us back. Jose is so lucky to have such an incredible best friend by his side. What a good boy!