Puppy May Look Sweet And Innocent But He’s A Master Kleptomaniac

Lloyd, the cutest Frenchie puppy, is a professional kleptomaniac. Lloyd’s mom Laura is constantly floored by how sneaky the little pup is. The family will place their stuff out of reach but somehow he figures out a way to get what he wants and take off with it.

Screenshot via YouTube

If Lloyd is unsuccessful, he will steal things Laura’s using at that moment. When she wraps gifts, he will snatch the bow. If she’s putting on her sneakers, Lloyd will sneak over, take the other shoe, then run away. He’s swift and boy is he savvy.

Screenshot via YouTube

As Lloyd blossomed into a full-grown dog, he got the hang of stealing bigger things. Poor Laura can’t even use a mop! The little thief is right there tugging on it as if it’s his. If you’re wondering what Lloyd does with his stolen goods once he has them, get ready to laugh your socks off! If you need a good chuckle, this video is paw-fect for you. Just wait until you see who taught the pup all his tricks. What a riot!

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