Quality Meals Crafted By A Family Of Dog Lovers

The number of dog food formulas on the market is overwhelming, especially for new dog parents. How can you choose the best quality meal for your dog when the options are endless? A great way to narrow down your search is by looking at the company to decide if they’re a brand you can trust.

Redbarn’s Family of Foods is a family-owned company that puts safety and quality first when formulating dog food. So, if you’re looking for a healthy brand for your dog, they have dry, air dried, and rolled dog food that even the pickiest pups can’t resist.

Dog with Redbarn Kibble

Redbarn’s Story

Redbarn is a company that prioritizes family, even after over 25 years in the business. Founders Jeff Baikie and Howie Bloxam met playing hockey when they were only 12 years old, and a lifelong friendship eventually turned into a successful business partnership.

Back in the 90s, Jeff and Howie saw that there wasn’t enough dog food with high-quality ingredients from trustworthy companies. So, they co-founded Redbarn’s Family of Foods in 1996. The company has grown significantly today with over 500 members, but they still operate like a family.

Why Redbarn?

Customer satisfaction is crucial for Redbarn, so quality, safety, and flavor are front and center when creating dog food formulas. With a wide variety of savory meal options, your dog will be sure to find something healthy to enjoy.

Redbarn uses state-of-the-art labs to follow through with essential safety protocols. The quality assurance teams run over 3,500 tests each month in temperature-controlled rooms. The labs are regularly sanitized, and the employees are always happy to put new procedures in place as food safety requirements change.

Lab laying by rolled dog food

This quality pet company also cares about animals in need. Ever since they first became a business, they’ve donated food, treats, and chews to animal organizations like shelters and rescues. So, when you purchase dog food, you’ll feel comfortable knowing you’re supporting a company that helps homeless pets.

Finding Meals Your Dog Loves

Redbarn is proud to offer a variety of products for four-legged family members. The dry, air dried, and rolled dog food are all high in protein with quality ingredients. To give your dog a varied diet, you can rotate between the different types of food to ensure their mouth is always watering while enjoying a healthy meal.

Dry Dog Food

For many dog parents, kibble is the most convenient option, but it also has the widest selection at the pet store. Redbarn makes choosing dry dog food easy by crafting six delicious flavors that are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. Half of them have wholesome grains while the others are grain-free for dogs with sensitivities.

There are three different flavors to choose from: Ocean, Land, and Sky. They all have meat as the first five ingredients. Ocean consists of fish like salmon and trout, Land focuses on beef, lamb, and other meat from mammals, and Sky uses proteins from birds like turkeys and ducks.

All Redbarn’s kibble formulas are designed to support your dog’s digestion, skin and coat, and heart.

Corgi loves Redbarn dog food

Air Dried Dog Food

Redbarn’s air dried food is perfect for satisfying your dog’s cravings for meat. The food contains 90% or more animal meat, and it comes in beef, chicken, or fish. It’s made using a slow-cooking process to preserve some of the nutrients that high-heat cooking methods usually remove.

These products can be used as full meals, but they also work well as high-value training treats. The quality ingredients help improve your dog’s joints and muscle development.

Rolled Dog Food

Redbarn’s rolled dog food was the first product the company made, and it’s still a high-quality option for canines. The food is “rolled” to pack fresh ingredients without the mess. The food can be sliced into soft cubes for a meal, but the pieces also make great treats, food toppers, and pill concealers.

There are five different rolled formulas: Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Grain-Free Beef, and Grain-Free Chicken. There’s over 40% fresh meat in each roll, and since the food is so soft, it’s great for light chewers.

Dog with Redbarn rolled dog food

Ingredients That Give Your Pup a Health Boost

All types of Redbarn’s dog food are made with beneficial ingredients that you’ll feel safe giving your dog. The formulas have lots of core ingredients like meat and vegetables to give your dog the protein, fat, and vitamins they need. Some core ingredients include beef, chicken, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

The dog food also has functional ingredients to give your dog added benefits, such as blueberries for extra antioxidants and salmon oil for omega fatty acids. Then, there are also other added vitamins and minerals like phosphorus and copper sulfate to improve your dog’s health from nose to tail.

Redbarn’s formulas are always high in protein, especially meat. These dog food options have all the ingredients dogs need to thrive. With the variety of options, you’re sure to find one that will make your dog’s mouth water.

Dog holding air dried food

What your dog eats can greatly affect their well-being, so it should be appealing to your dog while also having healthy ingredients. Most importantly, it should be from a company you trust. If that’s the kind of dog food you’re looking for, then give Redbarn’s Family of Foods a try! You can now get 15% off off any purchase of Rolled, Dry or Air Dried Dog Foods with the code IHEARTFOOD15!