Queer Eye’s Jonathan Adopts Dog After Heartbreak Of Rehoming Previous Rescue

Jonathan Van Ness, one of the five stars of Netflix’s Queer Eye, is the reality show’s “grooming expert.” Interestingly enough, his dogs are both short-haired.

Van Ness took to Instagram on July 23, 2022, to introduce his second dog: the recently adopted Rose. Dedicated fans of Van Ness’ may notice, though, that Rose is a different dog than another one that’s frequently appeared on his page.


Finding A Better Fit For Pablo

In a lengthy caption on his Instagram, Jonathan revealed that he and his husband Mark had to find another home for their last rescue dog Pablo.

“My heart has been heavy since as you maybe or maybe not have guessed we had to rehome our Pablo earlier this year. We love him so much but with his temperament and my traveling & being around so many people made Pablo miserable.”

When it doesn’t work out with a rescue dog, it’s sad for both the dog and the person. It does sound like Jonathan’s home and lifestyle weren’t the right fit for Pablo, an anxious dog who needs a more stable and calm living situation.


Fortunately, Van Ness and Mark made sure Pablo went to a loving and more fitting home environment.

“Luckily we have great friends who have taken Pablo and he is so so happy & thriving. But then there was my broken heart. I was so determined to make Pablo safe and happy at our home but I had to do what was best for him. But, I was literally devastated.”

Introducing Rose

Since Van Ness already had an established relationship with the rescue group Safe in Austin, he reached out to the organization’s founder Jamie. Jamie had previously appeared on an episode of Queer Eye (Season 6).

“I called @safeinaustinrescue and asked Jamie if she had any pups who needed a home and she said yes,” Van Ness added.


So far, Rose seems to be doing very well in her new home. She has another doggie sibling, Elton, who also came from Safe in Austin. The organization specializes in rescuing animals with special needs and from abusive situations.


Letting go of Pablo was tough for this family, but it seems like the right outcome for everyone. Sometimes dogs who come from abusive situations need more stable home lives, and that’s tough to come by when your dad’s a celebrity.


Donate to Safe in Austin to help pups like these three. You can also follow Jonathan Van Ness on Instagram here for updates on the family dogs.

Featured Image: Instagram