Rachael Ray, Husband, And Dog Experience Devastating House Fire

Sometimes, unfortunate situations happen out of the blue and there’s nothing that can be done. These times are terrifying for everyone, especially dogs. So, we have to think fast to keep our loved ones safe.

Rachael Ray and her family’s home recently burst into flames. The cause of the fire is unknown, but Ray, her husband John Cusimano, and their dog Bella Boo Blue, all had to evacuate in a panic. It was a difficult time for all of them, but luckily, firefighters rushed to the rescue. The fire is now out, but their house is in rough shape.

Ray and Cusimano adopted Bella only about two months before the fire took place. The pup was adopted after the couple’s beloved Pit Bull named Isaboo passed away. Bella Boo Blue got her name as a tribute to the late dog. So far, Bella has been seen on Ray’s social media frequently. The pup often plays with random food items like carrots.

Dog Chewing Carrot
Image: @rachaelray/Instagram

Bella seemed to be adjusting to the home just fine, but this fire probably scared her. She has grown so much in only a few weeks, and she probably already felt like that place was home. No puppy should have to watch their new home go up in flames.

Is Everyone Safe?

Not a lot of information was shared about the upstate New York fire. However, one important detail was made public: no one was harmed. Ray, Cusimano, and sweet little Bella all escaped the home safely.

Rachael Ray House Fire
Image: @MulhollandWNYT/Twitter

“Thanks for the concern. Rachael, her husband, and their dog Bella are safe,” Ray’s representative Charlie Dougiello said in a statement. “The house is unfortunately damaged and we don’t yet know to what extent.”

The firefighters arrived at the scene at around 8 pm that night. By 10:30 pm, they were still battling flames, but now, the fire is out completely. The house will definitely need lots of repairs, which is unfortunate since Ray has relied on that kitchen for all her cooking during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, she shared some of the food she made on social media only hours before the fire took place.

Rachael Ray Family
Image: @rachaelray/Instagram

House fires are devastating, but what’s most important is that everyone is safe. Bella will likely be confused and scared for a while, but she’ll feel better knowing her loving parents are by her side. Everything is always better when you have those you care about with you. They can help make even the scariest moments better.

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Featured Image: @MulhollandWNYT/Twitter and @rachaelray/Instagram