Rachel Ray’s Dog Bella Has Her Own Apartment At The Star’s Italian Villa

Rachel Ray, celebrity chef and host of The Rachael Ray Show, really loves her Pit Bull mix Bella Boo. She loves her so much, in fact, that she got Bella her own apartment.

The Instagram account for The Rachael Ray Show shared a video tour of “Bella’s apartment” in July of 2022. Not only is it the perfect little place for the dog of a famous mom to relax, but it’s also a pretty cute apartment!


Tour Bella’s Apartment

For a little more context: Ray and her husband have a villa in Italy. After purchasing it, they did a lot of construction and designed the new place with Bella in mind. That meant including this additional special space for getting cozy with her.

“For not entertaining people or bringing people here, I wanted to make a cozy little place where just the three of us could stay,” Ray says in the video.

The apartment consists of [what Ray calls] a “baby” kitchen, living room, and “a very big bed for a very large baby.” There’s a comfy dog bed in the kitchen as well, so Bella can stare hungrily while mom cooks.


Honestly, I wouldn’t mind living here. Especially with a dog. Watch the tour of “Bella’s apartment” below:

A Good Life For A Good Rescue Dog

Any fans of Rachael Ray’s know how outspoken she is about animal rescue and how much she loves Pit Bulls. Ray adopted Bella in June of 2020 (so we’re talking peak pandemic pup). The Pittie was a rescue from North Shore Animal League.

Before Bella Boo, there was Isaboo, which is how Bella got the second part of her name.


Obviously, we can’t all afford separate apartments for our dogs (at our Italian villas, no less), but it’s always nice to see a good rescue pup with a happy life.


When Ray’s dog Isaboo passed away in 2020, she wrote to her Instagram followers:

If you have room in your heart, your home, and your budget, I say from experience that bringing an animal in need into your home can help you become a better human being.”

Later that year, Ray and her husband purchased their villa in Italy. Since she clearly has the room in her budget, it’s good to see that’s going towards making a dog happy.

Featured Image: Instagram