Rescue Dog Goes from Living On The Streets To Starring In New Movie, ‘Prey’

Two months before filming a new sci-fi action film, a family working in the entertainment industry adopted a dog from an animal shelter, hoping to cast her for a part. 

Despite her high energy and lack of formal training, they saw potential in Coco. The former stray was about to become a film star and a fan favorite!

Beautiful Coco

When Coco was first found wandering the streets, she was taken in by a local community member who did everything they could to find her original owner. But despite their efforts, no one ever came forward to claim her. So after they could no longer keep her, Coco was taken to Fulton County Animal Services in Atlanta to find a forever home. 

After she was overlooked for a while, Coco got to take some time away from the shelter and was able to experience life living with a foster family. But because no one had decided to adopt her just yet, she was returned to Fulton County Animal Services. 

It was after that when Coco finally found a forever family who happened to be involved in show-biz. They intended to adopt Coco and cast her as “Sarii,” a canine companion in Prey, the newest installment in the Predator franchise. 

Prey is set centuries in the past and is a prequel to the other four films. The science fiction action flick stars Amber Midthunder as “Naru,” a skilled Comanche warrior who, along with her canine companion, fights to protect their tribe from one of the first highly-evolved Predators to land on Earth.

“I love that dog with my whole heart and soul. They got her like two months before this movie, and she had so much energy,” says Amber. 

Amber and Coco

Not only did Coco charm her co-star, but she also enchanted the entire cast, crew, and audience. Fans even refer to her as “the Meryl Streep of dogs” on Twitter.

Originally, Coco was intended to have a much smaller role and was going to appear fewer times in the film. But after test audiences enthusiastically asked for “more dog scenes,” director Dan Trachtenburg did his best to add Coco in more often.

Because of her high energy and lack of training, she required a little extra guidance on set. Their patience paid off big time, as both Coco and the latest addition to the franchise were both such successes. 

Kisses From Coco

Prey premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con at the end of July. It is now available as a Hulu original film and for streaming on Disney+.

Featured Photo: Facebook