Rescuer Risks His Life To Climb Deep Into The Earth And Save 9 Puppies

The cave was dark and narrow, but he didn’t care. It could have collapsed at any moment, but he didn’t give up. In fact, he did his best to dig a deeper tunnel so he could reach all nine terrified puppies within. 

When Hope For Paws received the call that a litter of puppies was in desperate need of rescue from a scary situation, dog lover and rescuer Eldad was willing to do whatever it took to get the sweet angels to safety. 


When rescuers first arrived on the scene and spotted the dark, narrow cave where the puppies were hiding, they chose to use their classic “entice with a cheeseburger” tactic.

Using a tasty, meaty treat can lure hungry pups out from where they are hiding and can help show the apprehensive animals that the humans who arrived are trustworthy.

Puppies Peek Out

At first, it was working, and rescuers were able to see six tiny faces poking out from the small opening in the cave. They were even able to feed a few of them and safely remove one of the pups. But then, something startled the puppies who were peeking their paws out, and it sent them scrambling deep into the cave. 

After exhibiting plenty of patience and giving another round of “come get the cheeseburger” a try, it became obvious that these pups may not be willing to wander out on their own. 


Eldad knew that the only way he would be able to save these puppies would be if he climbed into the cave himself.

In the video we share below, you can see him lying on his stomach while holding a flashlight and a gentle snare. Little by little, he inches himself forward as far as he can fit into the cave. Yet, he’s still pretty far away from where a few of the puppies were gathered. 

Dogs in cave

Luckily, he had his snare along for the rescue, and he was able to reach in and pull out three more petrified pups. 

While watching the footage, It’s apparent that these puppies are incredibly scared. Not only do they run and hide as far away as they can, but they are easily startled and immediately cry out as rescuers attempt to comfort them. It’s heartbreaking to hear the sounds of their cries, but it’s also gratifying to know they’ll soon have full bellies and be smothered in love.

Digging the tunnel

As Eldad continued to look for the rest of the pups, he realized that they had used a narrow escape route to get even deeper into the cave. There was no possible way for him to reach them from the original entrance. So he calculated where he thought the remaining puppies would be and started to dig a whole new tunnel to head them off.

They had to be extremely careful with their digging because they didn’t want the newly created tunnel to cave in.

In the hole

Once he was finally able to climb in and reach the other pups, he crawled in headfirst and grabbed them. He was actually in the earth so deep that he needed two other rescuers from his team to pull him out by his feet. Once he rescued one of the puppies this way, he climbed in and did it two more times. 

After extracting the last three pups, he went back inside just to make sure nobody was left behind. But he actually found one last pup, and used the snare to get him out.

 He had saved nine beautiful puppies!

All the pups

The full-length footage of this incredible rescue will have you on the edge of your seat. Check it out below.  

Eldad and his team faced the unimaginable, and we’re so glad these sweet pups are now happy and safe.