Retired First Responder Finds His Lost Dogs During News Interview

Kevin Johnson, a retired firefighter from Calaveras County, California, loves his two Pit Bulls more than anything. One is even in training to become an emotional support dog to help him deal with the trauma of more than 30 years on the job. Johnson lives on a quiet street, so he never expected his dogs to be in danger. But one day, they disappeared, and he heard a vehicle speeding away, likely with the dogs inside.

He feared he might never see his dogs again, but then a miracle happened. While talking to a news reporter about the theft, he received a life-changing call about his furry friends.

Two Pit Bulls Stolen

Two Pit Bulls Vanish

Pit Bulls Hay Hay and Nina love to run around and play in the yard. Johnson says they both give him a lot of emotional support and that they’re like kids to him. Since his home is so far away from the city, it’s normally very quiet, but one day, it was too quiet. So, he called for the dogs, but they never came.

Johnson didn’t see Hay Hay and Nina anywhere. Then, he heard a car speed off down the road, and he feared the worst. He began searching everywhere for them and even offered a $500 reward.

“We got into cars. We went all through towns. We went through all the adjacent towns,” Johnson said.

Pit Bull Reunited with Family

He posted signs and social media messages, but no one responded. Johnson and his family began to lose hope, but then a news channel picked up their story. During the news interview, something extraordinary happened.

The Perfect Timing

While answering the interviewer’s questions, Johnson received a phone call. When he answered, it was a neighbor saying they found Hay Hay and Nina. Johnson bolted to his car with the interviewer tagging alone.

Happy Pit Bulls in car

Sure enough, when Johnson met the neighbor, 6-year-old Nina came running to her dad. 10-month-old Hay Hay was a little startled at first and ran into the weeds. But he eventually came back and showered his dad with kisses too. It was a beautiful reunion, and the neighbor didn’t want any money in return. He just wanted to do the right thing.

Johnson is so relieved to have the dogs home safe and sound. It was the type of fairy tale ending you’d find in a children’s book. Both pups are happily playing in their yard once again, and Johnson’s worries have finally disappeared.

Featured Image: YouTube