Rita Ora Says She And Her New Rescue Puppy “Look Alike”

Singer Rita Ora is a proud rescue dog parent! She recently turned to Instagram to introduce the adorable puppy she adopted. She shared a series of photos with her new furry friend, and it seems like they’ve already bonded in a short amount of time.

In one of Ora’s posts, she jokes that she and the pup look alike. That may be true, considering that many humans and pets resemble each other. However, even if you don’t see the resemblance, you can’t deny that the rescue pup is the cutest! Every photo of the new furry family member has melted the hearts of fans.

Rita Ora holding puppy

Introducing Honey!

Ora adopted Honey, the adorable mixed breed puppy, from The Labelle Foundation in Los Angeles. To introduce the pup, she posted several photos of her holding Honey, along with some cute solo images. She even included a picture of herself as a child holding a plush dog.

“Ladies and gentlemen meet Honey,” Ora wrote. “I rescued her with the amazing @thelabellefoundation. Thank you for helping me find my true baby. I’m happy I could help find a home for this little [honey].”

Rita Ora new puppy

Ora added that even though Honey is adorable, she snores loudly. She joked that no one warned her about the snoring, but she doesn’t mind because Honey’s cuteness makes up for it.

Many of the comments thanked Ora for choosing to adopt a dog in need instead of buying one. And, of course, all her fans agreed that Honey looks super sweet!

Rita Ora kissing puppy

A Doggy Doppelgänger

Ora has since made another post about Honey, which shows her and the puppy going for a walk together. She also shared some images of her giving the dog kisses while sitting in the car. In the post’s caption, Ora jokes that she and Honey look alike.

“When your dog finally realizes that we actually look alike. Lol,” Ora wrote.

Rita Ora walking puppy

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In every photo, Honey looks just as happy as Ora is. The two of them were clearly meant to be best friends. Hopefully, The Voice Australia judge’s posts will help remind the world how amazing rescue dogs can be.

Honey already has her own Instagram page, so fans can stay up to date with the puppy’s adventures. Ora also has at least one other dog known as “Cher the Bear,” but she hasn’t posted any photos of the two dogs together yet.

Rita Ora with Honey

Featured Image: Instagram