Sarah Paulson Seeks Help After Friend’s Dog Was Stolen By Rover Sitter

Actress Sarah Paulson turned to her followers for help after her friend faced a tragic situation. Paulson’s friend, Clementine Ford, who’s also an actress, has no idea where her rescue dog is. Ford said she left her mixed breed pup named Winnie with a Rover sitter, but since then, the sitter vanished with the dog.

Ford and her family miss Winnie very much, and they can’t believe someone would do such an awful thing. Paulson shared her friend’s posts on Instagram to help them reach more followers. Ford has been in contact with Rover and the police, but she still has no idea where the dog sitter ran off to.

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Dog Sitter Disappears

Ford said she left Winnie with a woman known as “Claudette Jones.” She found the sitter on Rover, and the sitter had gone through a background check. However, after Ford left her dog with the woman, she never got any updates from her. Whenever she’d ask for photos of Winnie, she wouldn’t get a response.

Ford was out of town for a wedding, and when she still hadn’t heard back from the sitter after over a day, she decided to drive back early. When she arrived at the sitter’s apartment, it was empty.

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“It was empty. No crate, no dog, no human, nothing. We contacted the management company who told us the apartment had been vacant for 6 days. Rover gave us her emergency contact info,” said Ford.

When Ford reached out to the sitter’s emergency contact, they told her that the sitter’s phone was broken and the dog had run away. Yet, Ford still hasn’t heard anything directly from the sitter. So, she filed a police report to get more information on the woman and access to the apartment.

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Keep Looking for Winnie

Ford adopted Winnie from Sally’s Rescue, the same rescue where Paulson adopted her dog. She described the lost pup as a 40-pound mixed breed with a stubby tail and one floppy ear. Ford and Paulson are continuing to urge fans to keep an eye out. The pup went missing in Los Angeles.

Ford reached out to Rover, but it took them a while to remove the sitter from the platform. Rover is offering a $500 reward, covering the cost for flyers, and posting missing dog reports to lost pet websites. Sadly, many other dogs have been stolen or gone missing on this platform in the past.

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“As pet parents ourselves, we feel terrible about the pain this situation has caused, and we join Winnie’s family in hoping for her swift and safe return home,” said a spokesperson for Rover. “We have fully refunded Winnie’s family, and we’re in active communication with them as we work to offer support and bring Winnie home.”

Winnie is still missing, and Ford’s family is devastated. Yet, they won’t give up searching for their beloved rescue dog. They said there would be “no questions asked” because all they care about is Winnie’s safe return.

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