Scared, Abandoned Pittie Hides From Rescuers Behind A Fast-Food Dumpster

Even the sweetest of dogs who are abandoned can become fearful and mistrustful. Rescuing these dogs takes patience and an understanding of what they’ve been through.

In February of 2022, Hope For Paws, a southern California based rescue organization, received an email about a dog abandoned at a fast-food restaurant. The female gray and white Pit Bull had been living in the restaurant’s trash storage room.


A Calm Approach Reveals A Gentle Dog

Since the dog had taken refuge behind the dumpster, rescuers had to act before the trash truck could complete pickup. Still, approaching strange dogs, let alone apprehending them, can be dicey.


A video posted to Hope For Paws’ YouTube page shows how rescuers found and safely picked up this Pittie. First, they spoke calmly to her and tossed her some food from a few feet away.

Then, the scared, hungry Pittie started to wag her tail. Clearly, she just needed some food and reminders that humans can be kind. The pup started to realize these people were more helpful than threatening.


Eventually, the volunteers were able to get close enough to slip a lead around her neck, but the dog still clung to the dumpster, afraid to leave her safe space.

It took a lot more coaxing and food morsels to get this dog to leave the dumpster room. When she finally came out, it seemed to set in that she was being rescued. Grateful, the sweet Pit Bull gave her rescuers gentle licks, so they decided to name her “Kisses.”


Watch Kisses’ full rescue video below:

No More Dumpsters For “Kisses”

Typically, the animals Hope For Paws rescues receive veterinary care and then go on to one of the adoption organizations they work with. After a bath and treatment, Kisses was later transferred to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue in San Diego.

It’s The Pits specializes in American Staffordshire Terriers (“Am Staffs”) and American Pit Bull Terriers. If you’re interested in adopting Kisses, check their website for updates on her. 


When Hope For Paws found Kisses, she was filthy, frightened, and distant. Thanks to their patience and kindness, she’s going to make a loving companion to a lucky adopter someday. No more dumpsters for this gal!

You can help Hope For Paws continue their important rescue work by donating here. They also regularly share heartwarming videos on their YouTube channel to educate the public about rescue and neglected animals.

Featured Image: YouTube